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June 19, 2015
by Elaine

State of the Podcast (A.K.A. What’s Going On)

Well hello there, Internet. I’ve gotten a ton of questions, comments, and concerns from you lovely folks in the last few months so I think it’s time for me to dig in and write a post for you guys to tell you where this thing is at and what’s going on.

For the foreseeable future Some Other Castle isn’t going to be producing any new episodes or video content. I’m not going to sit here and say this show is never coming back again because I don’t really know if that’s true. We’ve had long hiatuses before and have come back so this doesn’t mean we’re gone forever but it does mean we’re done for now.

The truth of the matter is that I’m personally exhausted. The combo of feeling burned out with podcasting, the resurgence of some of my other hobbies, bookmarking more time for my family, taking a new job, and just kind of wanting to play games instead of talking about them produces the recipe for someone who just doesn’t want to record things anymore. The scheduling of recording time and then editing, uploading, monitoring, and even paying for hosting the content just stopped being enjoyable for me. I needed to step away and reset, play games to enjoy them and do my own thing for a while.

I’m going to keep this site up for the time being and I will be archiving the entire WordPress installation with all content in case it does get pulled down. That sets me up for an easier time if we decide to come back. I will leave the twitter account for the show active so if anything changes you’ll hear about it on Twitter via that account.

I’m personally going to be doing my own thing on Twitch and Youtube for a while. I’ll stream games, interact with you guys, and post archives and other Let’s Play type of videos. If you’d like to follow along all that information is below as well as my personal twitter account. I’m still dancing with the idea of doing Extra Life 2015. As that develops I’ll Tweet about it.


Youtube Archives:


Leah is still hanging out on Twitter via as well.

I know you guys miss us and every time I get a nice comment about the show it truly makes me smile. Hopefully at some point in the future Leah and I can reconvene to bring you guys some more content but for now the show is off the air. Thank you to all of our followers and fans who have helped along the way and who have listened to our nonsense. You’ve truly made this fun. I always feel bad having to put this show on hiatus because I know how much you guys dig the insanity. Definitely interact with us on social media. I’m frequently available and will do my best to answer and questions you guys have.

Again thank you for all your support. This show wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable without the community that loved it.



September 22, 2014
by Leah

Some Other Podcast, Episode 98: Why We’re Popular

We know what you guys want. You want talk about video games, right? ….right?

Okay, okay. You probably also want us to talk about weird stuff, eat weird snacks, and read a whole bunch of listener mail. Well, brothers and sisters, WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED. Enjoy! (And seriously, don’t vote on covering me in spiders. She doesn’t need the encouragement.) Continue Reading →

September 5, 2014
by Leah

Some Other Podcast, Episode 96: ZOMBEES

The season of pumpkin spice is upon us, but what season is that, really? Winter? Summer? Winter in the podcast, summer in the outtakes? If you are confused, we suggest that you press Y to podcast. Or to call Zobek. Or to call zombees? Perhaps all of the above are appropriate responses. It can’t hurt to try, anyway. Continue Reading →

August 29, 2014
by Leah

Some Other Podcast, Episode 95: We’re On A Boat

Seems like everything is centered around a theme this week, and that theme is boats. The secondary theme is T-Pain, but you guys can probably guess how we feel about that. (Spoilers: We feel pretty good, actually.) METAL GEAR???? Continue Reading →

August 16, 2014
by Leah

Some Other Podcast, Episode 94: Limited Fall Edition

Here at Some Other Podcast, we have differing opinions on the place of pumpkin spice and other fall flavors. This should come as no surprise, given the food-related polarization of this show, but… well, we know how you guys love it when we fight about stuff, so here you go! There may also be some sort of talk about video games, but we’re not really promising anything. Continue Reading →

August 9, 2014
by Leah

Some Other Podcast, Episode 93: Friendship is Magic

Pickle juice and Peeps and Redline and terrible chips and WHO KNOWS! Apparently there are a lot of things we have to eat on this show, and they all seem like a good idea when we’ve been drinking. Hey, remember when this show used to be about video games? ….yeah, neither do we. Continue Reading →

July 12, 2014
by Leah

Some Other Podcast, Episode 91: Belligerence

We are unreasonably angry at each other this week, but I don’t think it’s anyone’s FAULT, really. It’s just that the things that we’re drinking would make anyone enraged. On a related note, this episode is brought to you by Seagram’s Escapes, apparently… Continue Reading →

July 4, 2014
by Leah

Some Other Podcast, Episode 90: Pink Dog Suit

Everyone’s into something different, and here at Some Other Castle we support whatever weird shit you want. I guess? Sure.

As with last year around this time, we’re dedicating our ridiculousness today to Ryan Davis. We still miss you, duder. Continue Reading →