Host Migration and Moving Forward

Take a deep breath. I know a lot of folks see something new post to this site and lose their minds because of how much they want the podcast to return. Don’t lose your mind, leave that to Grumpy Cat.

Some Other Podcast is still not returning. That part hasn’t changed. Some other things are changing so let’s talk about those.


Hosting migration: My wonderful friend Carolyn has been gracious enough to host SOC for quite a while via her hosting plan. She is currently migrating all of her sites to another service and in that process I’m taking control of SOC hosting again. Over the next week I’ll be moving the site hosting and sorting out what plan makes the most sense moving forward.

Developing a Plan: The way I see it I have three options for this website; 1) Kill it off all together 2) Pay for hosting but let it sit unused as an archive or 3) Develop some new content for this thing and move forward. I would really like to pursue option 3. I want to use this site to post my text reviews, link to YouTube and Streaming videos, and most likely start another podcast. Some Other Podcast will always exist as its own entity and I won’t be touching it. If I start a new show it will have a new name and I will leave SOP alone. If hosting can support it I will leave the episodes up on this site so those of you who love them can access them. I will most likely remove them from iTunes so I can reuse the feed but we’ll see if/when the time comes.

I’m having conversations with some folks because if I do move forward with more audio content I would like to have a pool of different people to work with. Multiple personalities and tastes would be refreshing and give the show a different feel. I’m still working on details and deciding what exactly I want to do here but I wanted to make you all aware of what was in my head. For now I’m going to move forward with migrating the site and hosting it on a modest plan. When I have some content details to share I’ll let you all know what precisely is going on.

What I would really love is some feedback. Send me a message on Twitter or ideally post in the comments here and let me know what kinds of things you would like to see. What did you like about the podcast format previously? What kind of streaming/video forward do you guys like and want to see? How long is the optimal podcast length for you? Do you care about text content or does it not matter to you? The more information I can pull out of you guys the easier it is for me to marry what I want to do with what people actually care about. That has the best potential to make us all happy!

Thank you for all the support you guys have given. I can’t tell you all enough how much your kind words and silly messages mean. Meeting and interacting with people has always been the reason I put myself out there online and you folks have all made it feel more than worthwhile.

4 thoughts on “Host Migration and Moving Forward

  1. Larry December 29, 2015 / 6:00 pm

    Elaine, I and OFR are with you wherever you may go. You always will have room in the hub and we’ll be pleased as punch to support you. I would like to see more Twitch clowning as you did for Extra-Life last year. That was awesome!

    • Elaine December 29, 2015 / 6:02 pm

      Thanks, Larry! More Twitch nonsense will be happening. Have already had a conversation with Melanie who visited at the end of this year’s Extra Life. She’s interested in hanging for the long hall and I can likely talk her into visiting for many future streams 😀 I’m glad to have OFR’s support. You are an incredible group of folks. <3

  2. qwertos December 29, 2015 / 10:45 pm

    My two cents:

    For me, the biggest draw of SOP was more the random tangents, rabbit trails, and the interplay between you (Elaine) and Leah; the gaming content came second to that. (When the first big hiatus happened I started going elsewhere for news, as well as my own gaming started switching purely to computer rather then console.)

    Length doesn’t matter so much, so long as it’s natural. Don’t shorten or cut bits to meet an arbitrary cutoff, but also don’t drag a section on longer then necessary. (TL;DR: Don’t change anything re: length. 🙂 )

    More video content (i.e. let’s plays) would be fun. I really liked “Building Character”. (The draw for me was again the personality and interplay between the two of you. Persona itself doesn’t really interest me, but the hosts made the videos very interesting.)

    As far as written content goes, I’d check it out but it’d probably be rather rare for me to read it. Gaming content is a watch/listen while cooking/cleaning/eating/etc. thing for me.

    Anyway, hope that’s useful!

    Also, I know during Extra Life, we kinda talked about mumble, having audio editors, etc. If you still want to discuss more, hit me up on Facebook/Steam/Email (you should have all three for me).

    • Carnage January 9, 2016 / 12:40 am

      Agreed! The random stories and fun stuff was the part i cared about. I have always been 99% PC gamer and i don’t care about what’s new in the gaming world but the podcast created a nice atmosphere and made me laugh and smile.
      Sadly i don’t read so much writen content online, and tbh i only care about a fun podcast, preferably very long with talks about boobs, sandwiches and hustler magazine but centerd around video games.

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