Some Other Podcast, Episode 93: Friendship is Magic

Pickle juice and Peeps and Redline and terrible chips and WHO KNOWS! Apparently there are a lot of things we have to eat on this show, and they all seem like a good idea when we’ve been drinking. Hey, remember when this show used to be about video games? ….yeah, neither do we. Continue reading

Some Other Podcast, Episode 91: Belligerence

We are unreasonably angry at each other this week, but I don’t think it’s anyone’s FAULT, really. It’s just that the things that we’re drinking would make anyone enraged. On a related note, this episode is brought to you by Seagram’s Escapes, apparently… Continue reading

Some Other Podcast, Episode 90: Pink Dog Suit

Everyone’s into something different, and here at Some Other Castle we support whatever weird shit you want. I guess? Sure.

As with last year around this time, we’re dedicating our ridiculousness today to Ryan Davis. We still miss you, duder. Continue reading

Some Other Podcast, Episode 89: Sweating It Out

We discover the true power of energy drinks this week, and by that I mean that we TALK VERY FAST AND KIND OF SWEAT A LOT AND I’M STILL KIND OF SHAKING SO MAYBE DON’T DRINK REDLINE. THIS HAS BEEN A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Continue reading