Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 20: We Can Dance If We Want To


Elaine and Roxie jump on some microphones to talk about space games, the continued saga of Elaine’s Tokyo adventure, rollerbladin’ and spray paintin’, Final Fantasy Delays, Persona 5 preorders, new software versions, the curious case of Supergirl, super slim PS4s, and what happens when you cross a Buffalo Wild Wings and a giant mech. Pour a cold beer, get out your best gold jewelry, and pop your collars. IT’S PODCAST TIME.

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Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 9: Moose Antler

On this episode Elaine is joined by Melissa to talk about DOOM, LEGO Dimensions, Disney Infinity’s demise, Nintendo mobile games, hot hardware price drops, the horrors of Five Nights at Freddy’s, and a variety pack of other hot nonsense. Don’t feed us after midnight, beware the weird cat gurgles.

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