Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 12: Mechabeaver


On this episode Elaine returns and is joined by Justin! The duo discusses Saints Row IV, ridiculous basketball nonsense, WADs of DOOM, the disaster of Might No. 9, snarky Hedgehogs, open world Zelda, Burger King’s newest creation, and an army of angry beavers. This podcast is totally good enough.

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Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 3: Batmeh vs. Superfeh


This week Elaine is joined by Scott to talk about State of Decay, the addictive game loops of The Division and Stardew Valley, the MEHness of Batman vs. Superman, flying spaceships with William Shatner’s voice guidance, a pricey Rock Band song package, console half steps, and so much more! Call in the next 10 minutes to double your order/receive free shipping/get a digital punch to the face! WARNING: BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN SPOILERS FROM 35:00 UNTIL 48:00. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IF YOU CARE ABOUT THAT SORT OF THING.

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Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 1: Shark Laser Sh*tshow


For the inaugural  episode of the RADcast Elaine and Carolyn get together to discuss coming down from Xenoblade Chronicles X with some Last Remnant, the ridiculously divided Fire Emblem: Fates, surprise boxes, the insane selling power of Stardew Valley, and a very specific scenario of sharks vs. bears. You were promised insanity…..you’re getting it.

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