Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 25: Jousting Genitalia

maxresdefaultIn this episode Karf and Elaine get together live on the Internet to discuss VR, Watching dogs, the hypnotic nightmare of Thumper, and how all the money raising for the kids went. Elaine also discusses a desire to finish a Final Fantasy game (SHE DOES NOT HATE THEM) and the duo closes up the aftershow with a discussion of disturbing penis based video games. VIDEO GAMES FOR THE KIDS!

Special Programming Note: We left the preshow chat in before the episode starts and the post show after it ends. This probably makes more sense for joke continuity but let us know what you think! (Also, tell us what you think of the live show. When possible we can make that happen using the joyful services of Twitch if people are into it.)


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Extra Life 2016!

extralifeIt’s time for a whole lot of hot video game nonsense in an effort to raise money for sick kids! This year Some Other Castle is going to rock 36 hours of video games to get those dollars for Children’s Hospitals. This post is here to tell you who is playing, when they are playing, and how you can donate.

First, the donation pages:
SOC Team Page

Second, the Twitch Accounts:
Some Other Castle Twitch
Elaine’s Twitch (she’ll likely be on and off that account outside of her time in the schedule)

Finally, a schedule (all times EST):

Friday, November 25

  • Noon-4pm:  Justin playing Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Skylanders Superchargers
  • 4pm – 9pm:  Melissa playing Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions, and misc other PSN stuff
  • 9pm – 2am (November 26):  Elaine playing Watch_Dogs 2, Dishonored 2, Titanfall2, other hot nonsense (She can be goaded into eating terrible things)

Saturday, November 26

  • 2am – 7am:  Elaine will likely continue playing on her personal Twitch account while…….
  • 2am – 7am:  Justin takes over the SOC Twitch with DOOM and The Order 1886
  • 7am – 11am:  Melissa playing more Infinity, Dimensions, etc
  • 11am – 3pm:  Scott playing Watch_Dogs2 and misc other back catalog games
  • 3pm – Midnight: Enter the VR zone with Karf


Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 5: Everybody Was Sesame Street Fighting


On this episode Elaine is joined by Scott and Roxie to discuss; the pain of roguelikes, the liquid joy of Ratchet and Clank, a return to Fallout 4’s wasteland, the curious case of the Playstation 4 Neo, cheap Steam games, intense Sesame Street fatalities, and so.much.more! Surgeon General’s Warning: this podcast may cause permanent damage and should only be used with extreme caution!  (image credit to gavacho13 on deviantart!)

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Steam Games Under $20:


Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 4: Captain Dong


The RADCast enters a whole new world of Virtual Reality! Elaine is joined by Ryan and Karl to talk about VR headsets, LEGO Dimensions and how much Elaine needs to play it, Stardew Valley’s fruit trees, Final Fantasy 15’s nonsense, Trackmania’s mania-ness, the wars of EVE Online, VR porn experiences, and the difficult question of Hitler vs. Chocolate. IT’S A REALLY GOOD THING THIS PODCAST EXPERIENCE IS NOT AVAILABLE IN VR.

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