The Crew

This website is made possible by a very particular and diverse group of crazy people. Get to know the crew below. If you are feeling super daring you can follow them on Twitter where their true colors show through.

Site Admins:

Elaine Stryker has been playing games and fiddling with technology since she was just a wee child. By day she works as an Engineer making trains safer. In the evenings she can be found wrangling her two slightly feral children, walking her gigantic beast of a dog, mercilessly harassing her husband, or lifting heavy things up and putting them back down again at the gym. Any free moments she can muster are spent playing a video game or in front of a microphone. Elaine is not quite sure what sleep is but she’s fairly certain it sounds delightful. [Elaine’s Twitter]

Carolyn Sonnek is a long-time gamer who got her start on the Intellevision way back in the day (damn, she’s old). She sees nothing wrong spending 120 hours on a JRPG, then starting a New Game+ right away after finishing said JRPG. She runs in order to be faster than her friends if/when the zombie apocalypse happens. Shoots first and asks questions later.  [Carolyn’s Twitter]

Podcasters/Content Creators/Hooligans:

Melissa Ayers, otherwise known as the M to Elaine’s E, has a day job as a university researcher administrator and is also an electrical engineering Ph.D. student.. Her house is full of a husband, an adorable but exhausting child, two cats, lots of Lego, video games, comic books, Apple products, and other nerdy and geeky nonsense. She’ll try not to gross people out with medical explanations, she promises. [Melissa’s Twitter]

Karl Fite, or Karf as everyone seems to call him, works as a designer by day and sleeps by night. He is survived by his cat, who only bites him a bunch when he plays games. He is interested in rad, dorky things like virtual reality, writing game design docs that will never be shared and saying stupid things that he knows are stupid to get a laugh out of one person who happens to live in Goodwell, Oklahoma – we’re talking about you, Dave!  [Karl’s Twitter]

Melanie Haydu runs a residency program during the day and snuggles the crap out of her two kittens at night. Queen of sarcasm, the more douchy she is to you, the more she probably likes you. She enjoys nonsense, occasionally yelling profanities while playing Mario Kart, and really hopes to catch on quickly to this whole podcast thing. [Melanie’s Twitter]

Scott Jacobs  (also known as “You Bastard” and “Some Asshole”) is a rabid civil libertarian trying to not piss people off too much in deep east Texas as he gets his degree. When he’s not saying mean things about law enforcement, various legislatures, pundits, or politicians (sensing a pattern here?), he spends his time making his friends wonder why they talk to him and playing videogames…   [Scott’s Twitter]

Roxie Lynn hails from that weird part of the internet you probably would rather not acknowledge exists, but she’s here now and we’re kinda stuck with her. When she’s not too busy off living in her own little world she can be found on twitter obsessing over nerdy shit and geek culture, bitching about the state of affairs in gaming, and promoting the works of other podcasters/content creators.  Moody, opinionated, and rather bizarre, Roxie is a loose cannon of emotion just waiting to be pointed at a piece of media to consume. [Roxie’s Twitter]

Justin Smith was invited to guest on Last Save Loaded, and ended up running the podcast. Has since made guest appearances on other shows, and likes to entertain his friends by sending nonsense emails, or care packages around the world. Has been known to take jokes to the extreme, by once sending Elaine 4kg worth of Jelly by courier…  [Justin’s Twitter]