Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 16: So Japan. Much Porkchop.


This episode Elaine and Roxie get together to discuss Elaine’s continuing adventures in Tokyo Mirage Sessions, the weirdness that is Danganronpa, hot new Persona 5 videos, Dead Rising coming to current consoles, UNO making a return (get your cameras ready!), devs leaving studios, new heroes, and some free video game goodness. We hope you’re ready for some fever dream sounding nonsense!

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Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 13: Deep, Dark, Dangerous Rabbit Hole


Through the Rabbit HoleOn this episode Elaine is once again joined by Tim of Widget show fame! The duo discusses Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (aka NOT PERSONA WE PROMISE), Limbo, a whole bunch of stuff turning 20 years old, reboots, remasters, and delays OH MY! We’ve also got some hot discussion of HD Retrovision and PSIO. You’re going to want to get a beverage, settle in, and prepare to get some knowledge dropped on you. Warning: this podcast may cause retro fever. We claim no responsibility for what could happen to your wallet.


Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 10: Just Out for a Run


This week Elaine, Justin, and Karf sit down to discuss the murdering of demons, finding lost pirate treasure, Overwatching, controversial mods, goats in space, the great delay of No Man’s Sky, and much more. Don’t worry guys, we’re just out for a run.

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