Some Other Audio Content

We’ve had a few requests for audio-only versions of the stuff we put out in video form, and we now have a means of ripping the tracks and releasing them on our feed for you guys so that you can listen at work or wherever else you might do such a thing. So, the question is this: what might people want to see? Right now we’re trying to gauge demand, because while it’s not a terribly complicated process, it IS a little time-consuming. Not that we mind! We just don’t want to deluge you with unnecessary file-age.

Let us know in the comments, or email us:, what you want to see/hear on the feed. Building Character Persona runs? Extra Life stuff? Anything else? Thanks for the input, everyone!

Merchandise is a go!

I’m pretty excited to be finally writing this post. Leah and I have discussed the idea of making t-shirts and other miscellaneous nonsense available to you guys for a really long time but we never pulled the trigger. Part of the reason for that was many of the iterations of our logo just weren’t well suited for that sort of business. The current logo designed by Mik from The Fanboys Lunchcast fame, is perfectly suited to shirts and other hot merchandise. A million thanks to him for making that logo and providing it to me a thousand different ways. He’s a pretty rad guy.


Now you can sport a little piece of Some Other Castle on the daily. We have two shirts available for you to purchase as well as a polo, a hoodie, and a hot coffee mug for well, hot coffee mostly. I won’t judge you for putting whiskey in there though. That’s what I plan to use it for. You can find the storefront by following this link.

A few things to note about this storefront of ours. First, you can put any of the shirt designs (and the hoodie logo design) on any other piece of apparel that Zazzle sells. You can also order a different color than the stock ones we chose. You want a baby onsie with #HEEEYYY on it? Yeah you can do that. I will personally be ordering shirts for both of my children. Second, 5% of all sales from this stuff technically go to us. I’m going to take every penny that we make from that and donate it directly to our Extra Life campaign this year. I know some of this stuff is a touch expensive and adding that commission on top of it makes it more so but I want to pull a little extra coin in to help Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

If you folks have any other designs you would like to see made up drop a comment in this post so I can track ideas. If an idea is rad enough I will make it happen for you folks. If you buy some gear make sure to take an action shot and send it to us so we can see how rad you guys look in our logo. Share the storefront, buy some shirts, and get ready for new episodes and other hot nonsense from us.

Stand by for Contentfall

Hi everyone! Our hiatus is about to come to an end. During this week we’ll be recording a podcast and plans are in the works to generate more video content for you fine folks very soon. Leah and I would love to bring the show back with a bang of listener mail so if you could hit us up at that would be pretty rad. All varieties of questions are welcome about pretty much any topic you desire. Also, if there are games you are interested in seeing us play via a stream we are always open to suggestions.


Get your feeds warmed up and ready. You may also want to get a beverage on stand by because I guarantee we’ll be horrendously inappropriate right out of the gate. Let’s do this thing. It has been far too long.

While you wait for the glorious dawn of a new podcast have a cat picture that makes me laugh every time I see it!  

Programming Note

I wanted to make you fine folks aware of what’s going on at SOC content wise for the next few weeks. We’ve got holidays coming up here in addition to a migration over to a new hosting solution. With both of those things combined it seems like the perfect time for us to take a short break to catch our breath and make sure the site and our content is functional on the new host.

What this means is no new podcast episodes until the first week of January. There is a possibility of some streamed content via Twitch and/or some video content on Youtube in the coming weeks but no compromises. If you want to keep apprised of that stuff as it goes down follow us on Twitter (@someothercastle) and at If new streams start it gets Tweeted out and the same applies for new content on the Youtube channel.

Thanks to all of you for making this year fantastic and amazingly fun. We shall return next year with more nonsense and real video game talk.