The Podcasts

Want to know what you’re getting yourself into before you download our audio content? You may want to read the description below. We should really print warning labels for these things…

Some Other Podcast: Elaine and Leah talk about video games, media, and nonsense. They often try new foods and beverages, mostly with hilarious and terrible consequences.

Out of Print Podcasts:

Ranting After Dark (aka The RADCast): A biweekly podcast where some combination of the fools participating in this clown show get together to discuss video games, news, sandwiches, drinks, and go on ridiculously long, complex tangents about utter and complete nonsense. You are guaranteed 2-3 crazy people from the crew per episode. Beyond that there are no guarantees about what may or may not be discussed. No refunds, returns, or exchanges. This show is rated M for Mature because we all have potty mouths.

Invitation Only: Elaine grabs a single guest and they sit down to discuss….whatever they want. This show has no specific rules or regulations and may not even include discussion of video games. Episodes publish sporadically as interesting guests are available. This one is guaranteed to touch on topics you won’t find anywhere else on Some Other Castle. We recommend settling in to listen to these with some snacks and perhaps an adult beverage nearby. This show also rated M for Mature because Elaine enjoys terrible language. She really is the problem.