Some Other Podcast, Episode 104: Suddenly Flavortown

Video games are great! And also video games suck a whole lot! Both things are true in Flavortown. EVERYTHING is true in Flavortown. It’s a place with no rules, but also with ALL the rules. You get what we’re saying? Don’t worry, friends. You will. Oh, YOU WILL.

Games We Are Playing:

Stellar Blade, Peglin, Cocoon, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Dragon Age: Origins, Thirsty Suitors

Snack Chat:

Flavortown drink. 


  1. Sony mandates that you must have a PSN account to play Helldivers 2 (yes even on Steam). This forces the game to no longer be able to be sold in regions where there is no way to make a PSN account. This results in people review bombing Helldivers 2 on Steam and Steam issuing refunds even if you played more than 2 hours of the game. After all of that Sony walks back the mandate. Helldivers 2 players triumph as Sony walks back PSN account linking decision and studio CEO says he’s “impressed by the willpower of the community” | GamesRadar+
  2. Xbox is once again looking like the evil Yakuza villain as they close Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, and more studios. Microsoft Closes Redfall Developer Arkane Austin, HiFi Rush Developer Tango Gameworks, and More in Devastating Cuts at Bethesda – IGN
  3. Nintendo Confirms Switch successor is in production. June direct will NOT have any info on it. There may have been a leak of the specs? New Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks Could Reveal Vital Tech Specs (  Nintendo Switch 2 Announcement Will Come By Next March (
  4. Take 2 lays off around 70 people in the Seattle area. This includes Intercept games the makers of Kerbal Space Program 2.: Take-Two Interactive layoffs hit Seattle area; 70 workers affected – GeekWire
  5. Ghost of Tsushima has an online mode that requires a PSN login so it is getting the same restrictions that Helldivers 2 was hit with on Steam: Ghost of Tsushima on Steam Is Now Restricted in the Same Countries as Helldivers 2 – IGN


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