Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 22: Acronym Soup!


Karf and Tim sit down for the first time to talk about the lack of games they are playing, Tim’s shadowy past, the PS4 Pro, fighting games and VR breasts, and why Konami has been making Tim mad way before you. He’s a Konami hater hipster.  Also, make sure to catch Tim’s Retro Corner, only on -redacted- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3xSNS_BfxA

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Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 13: Deep, Dark, Dangerous Rabbit Hole


Through the Rabbit HoleOn this episode Elaine is once again joined by Tim of Widget show fame! The duo discusses Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (aka NOT PERSONA WE PROMISE), Limbo, a whole bunch of stuff turning 20 years old, reboots, remasters, and delays OH MY! We’ve also got some hot discussion of HD Retrovision and PSIO. You’re going to want to get a beverage, settle in, and prepare to get some knowledge dropped on you. Warning: this podcast may cause retro fever. We claim no responsibility for what could happen to your wallet.