Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 13: Deep, Dark, Dangerous Rabbit Hole


Through the Rabbit HoleOn this episode Elaine is once again joined by Tim of Widget show fame! The duo discusses Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (aka NOT PERSONA WE PROMISE), Limbo, a whole bunch of stuff turning 20 years old, reboots, remasters, and delays OH MY! We’ve also got some hot discussion of HD Retrovision and PSIO. You’re going to want to get a beverage, settle in, and prepare to get some knowledge dropped on you. Warning: this podcast may cause retro fever. We claim no responsibility for what could happen to your wallet.


Invitation Only Podcast, Episode 1: EarthBound and Down


For the very first Invitation Only Elaine sits down with the always wonderful Corey, a podcaster at Comic Vine, co-owner of Two Cats Comics, and a lover of video games/nonsense. Elaine and Corey talk a bit about the games they’ve been playing, the passing of Satoru Iwata, and finally EarthBound. The duo dives deep on the story, the characters, the ridiculous nonsense, and why exactly the game captured their hearts back in 1995 and continues to hold onto them today. It’s a long one so settle in with your favorite home cooked meal and get your PSI Rockin’ ready! SPOILER WARNING: THE ENTIRE PLOT OF EARTHBOUND IS DISCUSSED. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Important Notes: