Movies After Dark – DOA: Dead or Alive


Elaine and Melissa get some ice cream, some double stuff Oreos, and get settled in the basement to watch DOA: Dead or Alive. You guys the director of The Transporter did this….and Jamie Pressly is in it…..At least we have ice cream. Public Service Announcement: Ninjas defy the laws of physics. DAMN YOU, NINJAS!

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Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 15: Porkchops and Kegels


In this episode Elaine and Carolyn discuss the Pokemons, the influence of certain SNES RPGs, some Persona grade JRPG nonsense, lawsuit settlements, how much they hate Flash, porkchops, and the necessity of frequent pelvic floor exercises. Yes, you read that last one correctly. Yes, we are sorry. Yes, that apology was a lie.

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Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 5: Everybody Was Sesame Street Fighting


On this episode Elaine is joined by Scott and Roxie to discuss; the pain of roguelikes, the liquid joy of Ratchet and Clank, a return to Fallout 4’s wasteland, the curious case of the Playstation 4 Neo, cheap Steam games, intense Sesame Street fatalities, and so.much.more! Surgeon General’s Warning: this podcast may cause permanent damage and should only be used with extreme caution!  (image credit to gavacho13 on deviantart!)



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Invitation Only Podcast, Episode 2: Watch Us Salt, Watch Us Sanctuary

On this episode of Invitation Only Elaine is joined by James and Michelle Silva of Ska Studios. The group has a frank chat about Indie Development, the careers and experiences of James and Michelle, and the influences and design considerations of their newest game Salt and Sanctuary. Grab a beverage, draw the curtains, and enjoy! Watch us Salt…..Watch us Sanctuary. Watch us Salt, Salt……Watch us Sanctuary. (Try to get that out of your head now. TRY!)

Check out Salt and Sanctuary on the PSN store (coming soon to Vita and PC)

Intro Music: Salt and Sanctuary OST – The Nameless God Theme
Outtrow Music: Salt and Sanctuary OST – Credits Theme

Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 1: Shark Laser Sh*tshow


For the inaugural  episode of the RADcast Elaine and Carolyn get together to discuss coming down from Xenoblade Chronicles X with some Last Remnant, the ridiculously divided Fire Emblem: Fates, surprise boxes, the insane selling power of Stardew Valley, and a very specific scenario of sharks vs. bears. You were promised insanity…’re getting it.

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