Ranting After Dark Podcast – Episode 3: Batmeh vs. Superfeh


This week Elaine is joined by Scott to talk about State of Decay, the addictive game loops of The Division and Stardew Valley, the MEHness of Batman vs. Superman, flying spaceships with William Shatner’s voice guidance, a pricey Rock Band song package, console half steps, and so much more! Call in the next 10 minutes to double your order/receive free shipping/get a digital punch to the face! WARNING: BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN SPOILERS FROM 35:00 UNTIL 48:00. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IF YOU CARE ABOUT THAT SORT OF THING.

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Some Other Extra Life 2013: Supplemental

It’s nearing two weeks’ time since our Extra Life marathon, and we continue to be awed by and grateful for the incredible generosity that you guys have shown in moving us along towards our goal. One thing that we didn’t get to do during the stream that we initially planned on was play Rock Band; our voices and coordination were just too shot by that point, and we didn’t want to bore you all with a bunch of us failing. So, as a thank you, we’ll be putting on a second mini-stream this weekend, where we’ll play Rock Band for a couple of hours (and probably some DJ Hero too). The date for this is Saturday, November 16, and we’re aiming to start somewhere between 9 and 10 PM EST (exact start time is subject to podcast ending time). If you’re not already following  our Twitch channel (twitch.tv/etdragon), then do so now! This will allow you to be notified of exactly when we go live. Alternatively, you can just watch our Twitter feeds (@someothercastle, @Improbable42, @etdragon), because we will certainly be Tweeting the heck out of it as well.

So, what can you do? Just show up. The chat was what kept us going through the original stream, and we’d love to have as many people as possible come back around. We know that’s pretty late for some of our (*cough*British*cough*) listeners, and so there will definitely be an archived version if you can’t make it. We’d love to have you if you’re a night owl, though!

As of the end of our stream, you guys had donated a total of $1500 to Extra Life. That’s a lot. A LOT. FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS, YOU GUYS! We are so thrilled it’s a little scary. As amazing as that is, we would love to shoot even higher and get that to $2k by the end of the year. So, if you haven’t donated yet, or would like to kick in an extra couple of bucks, please feel free to do so. Here is our page link!

Once again, thank you all so, so much for everything, and we hope to see you in the stream tomorrow!