Some Other Podcast, Episode 101: Cursed Moogle

Is it possible for video games to suck and to be awesome at the same time? Turns out it is! We are very excited about one half of those things this week, and we’ll let you guess which. Well, you probably don’t have to guess, actually. You could just listen to the podcast. Join us as we discuss cross-breeding flowers, horrific versions of beloved mascots, and baby baby baby baby baby baby baby…..

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Some Other Podcast, Episode 100: No Ho Ho

Hello friends! It is our ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE! CELEBRAMOS!! Aside from poisoning our insides with questionable beverages (and snacks), we are also here to give you the sickest, hottest, hypest news and chat about video games. Are those things that the youths say? We don’t really know, but probably!

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Some Other Podcast, Episode 99: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

We play games that were released this decade. Sometimes? It’s not exactly our preferred time period, I suppose. Come along with us as we explore old games, new games, short games, long games, and just ALL the games. Hey, send us listener mail! It would brighten our lives if you did.

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Some Other Podcast, Episode 98: Why We’re Popular

We know what you guys want. You want talk about video games, right? ….right?

Okay, okay. You probably also want us to talk about weird stuff, eat weird snacks, and read a whole bunch of listener mail. Well, brothers and sisters, WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED. Enjoy! (And seriously, don’t vote on covering me in spiders. She doesn’t need the encouragement.) Continue reading