Some Other Extra Life Update #3

With only a couple of weeks left to go until Extra Life, we’re getting really excited, and we hope you are too! Schedules are being created and decisions are being made, and since we promised we’d give out some more details, here you go:

Mario Kart has served a pretty important purpose in our history, so it just wouldn’t seem right if we didn’t play it during our marathon. You may have also noticed that we have a slight -slight- Cook, Serve, Delicious! obsession, so we thought it would be for the best if we included that as well.

Our newest donor is Jason, so welcome to the Club of Awesomeness! You will find many like-minded people here, I assure you.

Also! Don’t forget that our cutoff date for allowing our highest donor to choose one of our games is approaching quickly. That’ll be Sunday, October 27, which leaves a little over a week. If you have a particular desire to see us play something, maybe consider that?

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them. You can comment here, email us at, or Tweet at us via @someothercastle, @Improbable42, or @etdragon. If you’d like to donate but haven’t yet, here is our Extra Life page link:

Thanks for everything, guys! That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more updates, and make sure you tune in to on November 2-3 to watch the insanity!

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