Some Other Podcast, Episode 76: Dem Batmans

Some of the things we’ve been playing this week are probably about what you’d expect, but some… well, there are some wildcards, too. All I can say is that when you’re expecting Beyond but find empty space, strange things can happen. Good things, though! Also, if you’re curious about our detailed thoughts on sherbet, we put some time into discussing them. That’s mostly in the outtakes, though. Mostly.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Grand Theft Auto V


Pokemon Y

Super Mario RPG

You can have a friends list of 2000 people on PS4. If you know that many people, that is.

FTL is getting free DLC and also an iPad version

Sony is kind of pulling a Microsoft over the DLNA/MP3 thing

iTunes has 200 Pokemon X/Y tracks for $10

Killer Instinct Classic will only come as a bonus for the crazy edition of new KI

Kirby: Triple Deluxe will be spreading unbounded joy on the  3DS next year

Microsoft bringing Games With Gold to XBox One

The Last of Us is getting “Left Behind” DLC early next year

PS4 getting an Uncharted game, surprising precisely no one

Maybe Fallout 4?

You. YES, YOU! HEY! ….send us email?, pleasekthx.

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