Some Other Podcast, Episode 057: Buckle Your Pants

There is LESS Madden talk this week, which is not NO Madden talk, but it’s better than it could have been. You got lucky, really. Instead, we talk about devious platforming, mattresses catching on fire, and above all, sweet sweet candy. Now go listen to this show while we go check our lollipop yields. That is not a euphemism. Continue reading

Some Other Podcast, Episode 56: Put It Away, John Madden!

I…don’t even know how to explain what happened with John Madden this week. You probably just have to listen to it. Be advised that it contains a history of sorts of console development? I guess? Also, penises. Continue reading

Some Other Podcast, Episode 54: Great Night to Have a Podcast

We asked for listener mail, and you guys provided, so thank you! We also have a lot of things to say about games we’ve been playing, notably Bioshock Infinite (which will have a spoilercast released later this week, so definitely stay tuned for that…this show is spoiler-free, though!). We also explore Leah’s problems with Silent Hill, Elaine’s crippling Mother 2 addiction, and…well, and listener mail. We did mention we have a lot of listener mail, right? Continue reading

Some Other Podcast, Episode 053: JRPGOCDOMG

HEY YOU GUYS! We made you this podcast. We hope you like it. We also hope you like listening to us talk about the various psychological conditions we choose to aggravate in ourselves when we play video games, because we do that…well, kind of a lot. We also berate Leah for not playing Saints Row the Third yet, ponder whether Pokemon or Disney Infinity will take more of our money, and beg for listener mail. It’s a big fun time! Continue reading