Some Other Podcast, Episode 54: Great Night to Have a Podcast

We asked for listener mail, and you guys provided, so thank you! We also have a lot of things to say about games we’ve been playing, notably Bioshock Infinite (which will have a spoilercast released later this week, so definitely stay tuned for that…this show is spoiler-free, though!). We also explore Leah’s problems with Silent Hill, Elaine’s crippling Mother 2 addiction, and…well, and listener mail. We did mention we have a lot of listener mail, right?Links! (Packed by volume):

Bioshock Infinite

God of War 3

God of War: Ascension

Sleeping Dogs

Gears of War: Judgement

Ni No Kuni

Touch My Katamari

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Accountant creates RPG using only Microsoft Excel

Mother 2 released on the WiiU shop with a bunch of cool extras, but only in Japan

Borderlands 2 gets a level cap raise and a new class

Final Rock Band DLC released, and it’s American Pie

Final Fantasy X and X-2 remakes officially slated for the US in 2013

Hey, remember how much we love listener mail? YOU SHOULD! You should also send it to us at, and we will be very very happy!

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