Some Other Podcast, Episode 62: Story Time

We have lots of stories this week, which may or may not be related to video games. There’s a lot of talk about sandwiches and sunburns and people doing inappropriate things in cars, so you should probably just settle in and wait for the part where we get back on topic. Or, you know, as much “on topic” as we ever get. Come on, you guys know how this works by now!

Topical links:

Darksiders II

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Final Fantasy V (here is the link to Leah’s Final Fantasy Project)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Atlus parent company is set to auction off operations, leaving us scared about Persona 5

EarthBound is now on the WiiU Virtual Console, but you probably already knew that because you could hear Elaine squeeing wherever you are

Tons and tons of Animal Crossing sold

Oh, Japan; Resident Evil attraction looks kind of awesome

You can play games while they download on the XBox One, confirmed

Ultra Street Fighter IV coming in 2014 to current-gen consoles

Deadly Premonition on….Steam Greenlight? What?

Firefly game coming…. to iOS and Android? What?

Listener mail…. WHAT?, plzkthxbai!

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