Some Other Podcast, Episode 81: Stealth Idiot

Stealth games just aren’t for everyone, okay? Some of us are more suited to the whole “run in and shoot everything in the face before it can get away” style of play. And there’s nothing wrong with that! NOTHING.

Jelly links:

The Binding of Isaac

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

inFamous Second Son


Tales of Xillia

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Persona 4 will be a PS2 Classic on the PS3, and we are going to buy it again because OF COURSE

We probably just need to buy Goat Simulator 2014 already

Amazon displays Metacritic scores now, because that was necessary for some reason?

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One thought on “Some Other Podcast, Episode 81: Stealth Idiot

  1. Carnage April 5, 2014 / 10:31 pm

    Happy your middle names threw you for a loop, YOU SEE what happens when you are gone for a while? we go thru old episodes and get every creepy detail about you we can find!

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