Some Other Movie Commentary: Silent Hill: Revelation

It’s only ONE revelation, apparently. More than one would cause our feeble little brains to implode. Maybe more Vitamin D would solve this problem? It’s a possibility, and one that we explore pretty thoroughly in this commentary.

We know nothing, though, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Some Other Movie Commentary: Silent Hill

This is one of the very first commentary tracks that we recorded, back when the podcast was still in its infancy, and was still even occasionally about video games instead of weird snack foods, or questionable energy drinks, or sandwich preferences. You know, we really do talk about food a lot, don’t we? Huh.

Anyway, here’s what I remember about this commentary: We talk about pork roll a lot. Enjoy!

Some Other Movie Commentary: Resident Evil

Here at Some Other Castle, we’re no strangers to talking about movies, particularly when they’re related to video games. And honestly, the worse the movie is, the better our commentary is likely to be. That’s the way we see it, anyway. We’re hoping to release a few of our vintage efforts in the near future, and we’re planning to record new ones soon as well, but for now, we’d like to present our first commentary in quite a while. This time, it’s for Resident Evil.

Let us know what you think by emailing, or leave a comment here! We welcome any suggestions you might have as to what we should tackle in the future. Rest assured, we have a LOT of ideas already…